Black Eagle:
Benelli still amazes

"Again this year Benelli has decided to enrich its range of semiautomatics with a new model: the Black Eagle, a shotgun designed to meet the needs of hunters during their hunting trips

"Again this year Benelli has decided to enrich its range of semiautomatics with a new model: the Black Eagle, a shotgun designed to meet the needs of hunters during their hunting trips

On the wave of the Super Black Eagle, which for 30 years has boasted enormous and persistent success over time, the company, based in Urbino, has decided to respond to the requests of all those who would like a similar gun built for the cartridge. 12/76, versatile and with greater dynamic characteristics.

From these requests comes the project of the Black Eagle, 12 and 20 gauge (black version only).

Designed to fire many 12/70 and 12/76 cartridges and characterized by the classic Benelli inertial release closure with rotating bolt, this new shotgun is synonymous with reliability, strength and durability over time.

In addition, this weapon, thanks to its barrels and chokes, is perfectly at ease with any type of loading, be it with lead shot, heavy alloy or steel.

This speargun has been designed with the internal profile of the Benelli “traditional” barrels: available with 65/26 “, 70/28” and 76/30 “cm barrels, those who use it will be able to make the most of all the types of loading, covering almost 95% of the cartridges fired from a 12/76 rifle.

The weapon is always ready to fire thanks to the innovative Easy Locking bolt lock, features barrels with high visibility sights and Knurled chokes, with compact and uniform shot patterns.

The barrel of the Black Eagle has also been specifically designed to prevent variations in the accuracy of the shot: subjected to a cryogenic treatment, it was not connected to the shutter box, unlike the SBE 3 rifle, with which, however, there is resemblance to the lines of the rod.

Black Eagle - DDC

The Black Eagle has been designed with the aim of making it easy to grip and this was possible thanks to the exclusive AirTouch checkering that favors the natural ventilation of the hand. In support of all this, Benelli has also thought of the anti-lock cap which for its part avoids the blocking, making it easily removable and more usable, to the delight of hunters.

Equipped with a ComforTech 3 stock, with L.O.P. (butt plate-trigger distance) as standard equal to 365 mm, reduces recoil and detection, contributing to the creation of a comfortable and usable weapon over time. In addition to the ComforTech 3 system, it is also equipped with the ComTech nosepiece to cushion the vibrations that have reached the hearing system and ensure maximum comfort.

Obviously, the Black Eagle’s casing and sheath have also been specially designed: in light alloy with anodic oxidation finish designed to ensure good durability of the treated surface and a higher lightness of the weapon.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Benelli has also decided to give a nice gift to those who prefer a lighter and more manageable shotgun, creating the Black Eagle 20/76 version with performance similar to that of a 12/76 shotgun.

Soul of Benelli, these two shotguns are valid in all types of hunting, designed and built to last over time and be reliable in any situation.

In conclusion, the Black Eagle is a shotgun created to improve the hunter’s performance during his hunting trips, destined to leave its mark with its style and distinctive character, designed and built without forgetting the peculiar traits such as lightness and practicality. .

* Source: Benelli