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“Attitude, discipline, commitment, excellence are values that every shooter feels at the beginning of a new test. Values that are part of our DNA and push us to always seek new improvements, to develop the most innovative technologies to ensure the best performance ".



“Attitude, discipline, commitment, excellence are values that every shooter feels at the beginning of a new test. Values that are part of our DNA and push us to always seek new improvements, to develop the most innovative technologies to ensure the best performance ".



M2 speed

Once again, Benelli managed to leave its audience speechless. With the M2 Speed ​​and Nova Speed ​​models you have fulfilled the desire of the sports world, always looking for a shotgun with pump or semi-automatic operation, creating for the shotgun category, two specific versions in terms of precision, power and speed.

Each new creation by Benelli is designed to achieve a new goal, a constant commitment dedicated to the creation of increasingly reliable and versatile models.

The first feature of the M2 SPEED is the Inertia Driven System, the heart of Benelli’s mechanical operation. Benelli has always focused on simplicity of construction and maintenance. With these rifles and with this mechanics, extreme resistance and reliability are guaranteed.

The core of the M2 Speed ​​is the shutter unit with rotating head, which includes Easy Locking, to ensure a reduction in the rebound of the shutter in the event of impact. This system offers a very fast repetition cycle and a shotgun always ready to fire.

With the M2 Speed ​​the shooter is able to reach a high shooting speed, keeping the target in aim thanks to the ComfortTech3 stock. This innovative system, located in the stock, guarantees a high reduction of the recoil perceived on the shoulder and of the wheelie, for a faster return to aim in repeated shots in sequence. Ergo: excellence and maximum precision in shooting.

The L.O.P. (Lenght Of Pull) as standard is 365 mm and can be increased by replacing the shock absorbing pad.

The Combtech interchangeable nose pads in polyurethane are also available in different heights, adapt to the shape of the shooter’s cheekbone and reduce impact and vibrations.

The fore-end and the handle have an AirTouch knurling with tiny hemispheres, which facilitate a superior, comfortable and more effective grip, favoring the natural ventilation of the hand.

Another specification of the M2 SPEED is the casing: it is distinguished by the increased ejection window and the power supply, designed precisely to speed up loading, both single and load-two and quad-load.

Mainly for these last two cases, a feeding window was required to facilitate the insertion of the cartridges, also taking into account the different movements of the shooter. In fact, the loading window has been designed to convey the cartridges in the ideal position for their easy and quick insertion.

To increase the speed during loading, Benelli has also decided to redesign the guard, providing it with a rounded safety and much more convenient to deactivate, further facilitating the fluidity of the cartridges sliding, so as to accommodate the natural movement of the shooter.

The M2 Speed ​​is a race-ready rifle. Made by professionals for Dynamic Shooting professionals, it is presented with a 12-shot extension which can be combined with 62/24 “and 65/26” cm barrels, both steel rated and 12/76 chambered.


Nova Speed

Nova Speed ​​is the only shotgun in the world created by Benelli for IPSC competitions of the Standard Manual Division. Designed with the distinctive design that characterizes the Speed ​​family, it stands out for its fluidity and speed of loading.

Its technical and ergonomic potential has been pushed to the maximum to create a rifle ready for competition. Also characterized by the stock with ComforTech3 system and Combtech nosepad, which significantly reduce the sensation of recoil and the impact on the shooter’s cheek, the Nova Speed ​​favors a faster return to aim and maximum accuracy in shooting.

The guard has been redesigned with a rounded safety, even easier to disengage, with ergonomic lines and slide on the bridge in the front, which facilitates the fluidity of sliding of the cartridges and supports the movement of the shooter. Thus, insertion into the magazine tube is even faster and more immediate.

The Nova Speed ​​is chambered 12/76, or 13 mm less travel and consequently 3 cm less that the shaft will have to travel. Shorter length, greater rigging speed.

In addition, we also find here the characteristic AirTouch checkering on the handle and shaft, useful for facilitating the natural breathing of the shooter’s hand, improving grip and grip.

At Benelli, nothing is left to chance: even the catch of the cartridges in the magazine reduces the effort for loading, facilitating the unloading of the weapon without having to pass the cartridges through the chamber.

The weight of this rifle is 3.3 kg with a 65/26 “barrel and a maximum length of 1,324 mm (measured from the buttplate to the end of the magazine tube extension). It also presents the L.O.P. (Lenght Of Pull) 365 mm long as standard, which can be increased by replacing the shock absorbing polyurethane pad.

The Nova Speed ​​is a gun designed to be ready for the competition, quick and ergonomic to best meet the needs of professional shooters, maximizing their fluidity and making their performance even faster.

The ‘Benelli-thought’ is based precisely on this: a shotgun must not only be robust, long-lasting and reliable, but with features that must remain unchanged over the years, constant speed and performance, regardless of the countless challenges faced.

Benelli technology is ready to amaze the world of Dynamic Shooting again.

Source: Benelli